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Wheeler Farms - Site Plan

Wheeler Farms, Ellington, CT property land lot for sale

Wheeler Farms - Lot Pricing & Information

Lot Number Lot Size Lot Price
Three l.051 acres SOLD
Four 1.061 acres SOLD
Five 0.950 acres SOLD
Six 1.278 acres SOLD
Seven 0.925 acres SOLD
Eight 0.919 acres SOLD
Nine 0.919 acres SOLD
Ten 0.920 acres SOLD
Eleven 1.023 acres SOLD
Twelve 1.011 acres SOLD

As of March 15, 2023

* Wheeler Farms lots feature public water and underground utilities.

Prices are subject to change without notice.
Certain lots may be sold and no longer available.
Please also note that lot sizes may vary slightly.

Wheeler Farms - Location

RSK-Kellco Inc. Wheeler Farms Ellington CT property land lot for sale site map

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